Saturday, July 11, 2009

choco spoons

every day my kids have chocolate milk in the morning.
everyday they beg to help put in the chocolate.
i let them.
they spill it....
all over.
then they try to lick the spills up....
from the table...
from their chairs...
from their fingers...
it's totally messy...
and sorta gross!
i just melted some chocolate in a glass bowl
scooped it with a baby spoon into pink plastic spoons
sprinkled on some sprinkles
stuck them in the freezer and...
chocolate spoons!
the next morning...
when the girls wanted their choco milk.
i warmed up the milk in a mug...
gave them the spoons...
and they stirred 'em around n' around until the chocolate melted.
yummy chocolate milk!
no mess.
no fuss.
HAPPY kids!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

fancy skin cream

for my whole life i looked young.
i was 12 and people though i was 6.
i was 18 and people though i was 12.
I was 25 and people though i was 18.
i HATED it!
and then, all of the sudden..


i look my freaking age!
what is that about?
it's gross!

i have wrinkles and...
i swear...
i think i just puked up a little as i typed that!

i never really took care of my skin cause i never expected this to happen.
i mean...
i've been use freaking coppertone as my face cream for the last 20 years!
now i'm all crazy freaked about being wrinkly.
and i want young, perfect, 18 year old skin.
i've started buying the garnier nutritioniste products cause SJP promotes them and she looks good...(as iF she's using them)
but do i NEED to shell out the bucks for schmancy creams and chemical peels?
i don't want another 5 years to go by...and look another 5 years older.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


i hate uggs.
but i sorta like them.
no, i hate them.
but i want them.
no you don't!
yes i do!

for five years this has been inside my head.

do i just shut up and go buy some uggs?

Friday, February 13, 2009

my outfit

ok. lemme explain.
i started with the tights.
i thought they'd be fun. a little color, a little flavor, whateve...
but i put them on with one dress and they didn't match.
i tried this dress.
and it was cute...but i needed something underneath.
hello, one shoulder!
at first i had a black tank...and it looked good.
black shoes, funky tights, gray dress, black tank.
but i knew i'd be cold at work with just a tank...and i don't have a black shirt...and it was time for the girls to go to school...
i threw on this red one.
i don't even know if i looked in the mirror before i left the house.
and i went to work and didn't think about it.
until my friend at work told me i reminded her of PUNKY BREWSTER!
i wasn't insulted. i LIVED for punky!
it did make me go to the bathroom, check myself out in the full length mirror and THINK..
what the heck am i wearing?

be honest, what do you think of my outfit?
lay it on me!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

birthday presents

for some reason i always thought you should spend about $30 bucks on a birthday gifts for your kid's friends.
i dunno why.
i dunno who gave me that number.
maybe i made it up!
and then one day i realized that my kids were getting $15 and $20 gifts for their birthdays.
i decided to go with the flow and spend less cash per kid.
but i just went to a great birthday party where i spent about $15 on the gift and, well...
i felt cheap.
the party was so nice and cute and i felt so bad that lily's present was sorta lame.
i almost wanted to appologize for the crummy gift.
or buy something else and pretend that i forgot it at home.
but i didn't.

so...i'm wondering?

am i cheap? and i normal? what do you all do?