Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my MIL's on facebook

i love my MIL!
i really do.
she's awesome.

she friended me on facebook.

i don't post crazy-ass things on there or anything but sometimes people post semi-incriminating pics of me, or write silly things about my pics. and sometimes i comment on things or people comment on my things...and i just don't know that she needs to see all that.


do i friend her?


do i just sort of ignore that it ever happened?


do i have an honest convo with her about why i don't think it's such a great thing?


  1. supposedly you can make her a friend and limit what she can see.
    i fear this same thing. it causes angst at just the thought on how to ignore my parents if they tried to "friend" me. so i have already catastrophized and asked around and that's what i was told.
    seriously, you can't do it. it's just a bit creepy, i think.

    i love the blog. i became a follower but don't know how to do it and am not sure it worked. anyway, i love the need for confirmation. keep em coming.

  2. p.s. this is amy. i guess this is phil's account.

  3. You friend her and let her take her chances. She might surprise you! (And what if she finds this blog?) :)

  4. Hey Ab, it's Jay - Do what I do, and try not to think so much that it ruins your good time. I have found in my old age, that you cannot make someone that loves you to stop. However, it is by your actions that you discover who doesn't love you, and that's good in the long run too. I always tell people, be exactly who you are, and let it attract and repel all you need in your life. No excuses, no apologies for being you. It's good to shed the rif-raf, and always "just being you" will gain momentum, until everyone that knows you will look up to you as a bold person, who is their own person. This brings people so much hope and inspiration, because we all want to be liberated and real. Get a little bit ugly, and see who stays. That's your family.

  5. i had to friend my FIL, and then went back through my whole history for FB and erased every comment i'd ever made that was about them or might offend them. annoying! and now, i don't think he even ever checks FB!!