Tuesday, February 10, 2009

potty mouth

i still laugh at potty words.
and farts.

i just think they're so funny.
and so do my kids.

at least once a day a big fart by any one of us brings all of us into hysterics.
it's like family fart bonding.

my kids also like the words vagina (or kagina) and butt.
they never ever use them in a mean or insulting way.
they just like to say them.
and, gulp, we laugh when they do.
they never say them in school or with their friends. it's sort of a family thing.
i want them to grow up and not be ashamed of things and find humor in life. but i don't want them to be all gross and inappropriate.


do i curb their kaginas?


do i let them keep on laughing and kaginaing with us?

(ooh, i'm sorta scared here for what you're going to say!)


  1. No way... no curbs LOL. Too funny. We have a homeful of farters here and there is not enough minutes in a day to complain about it. Might as well enjoy laughing together - even if it's at our own expense. Don't take this as an admission of farting... lol

  2. I wouldn't curb it, but b/c I have kids who are much older than yours I will warn you of two things:

    1) farts *are* funny when they're small, but the older they get... well, not so much. Particularly when you have boys. I suspect girls naturally regulate themselves through adolescence, but boys... well, not so much. We've actually had to recently ban farts during dinner, if that gives you any indication of how it goes from giggly to gross.

    2) I like the idea of not having them be ashamed of words and growing up around laughter, but somehow, despite all of our laughing and penis'ing I'm still raising a monk who can find shame in things that none of us find shameful, so it doesn't always work.

    Was that a total buzz kill? B/c I didn't mean it to be. Especially b/c despite what I've said, I wouldn't change a bit of what I've done to get us to this point. B/c it's been fun and, yes, family bonding.

  3. Let 'em be free. They are fine just the way they are. Kids are so innocent! :o)

  4. Actually, you really don't have a choice. Think of it this way, if something funny happens, and kids laugh, do you remember that "Don't laugh, it's not funny" only makes something funnier to you? Nothing makes me laugh more than when I'm already laughing, and someone tells me to NOT laugh. I never tell my child to NOT laugh, I don't care what she finds funny. Why would I impose my comfort level onto a creature free enough to see humor in a situation? Laughter is truth. The king has no clothes...

  5. Something is wrong if you don't think farts are funny or belching...I have a 5 year old that can make a sound like a sewer backing up...that's funny stuff...BUT ...its not so funny when granny is over or some other overstuffed person (not that granny is overstuffed) but you get the picture...you've been there. We always talk about what cave men did when they farted or if they had a word for Poop.