Tuesday, February 10, 2009


over the past two weeks about 7 kids in lily's kindergarten class have had strep.
cut to: sasha's 3rd "annie" birthday party this weekend.
the party started at 4:00 and lily felt great.
she was running around all crazy, having a blast with her cousins until about 5:00when she plopped down on mike's lap and just laid there for an hour or so.
i was all, "hmmm..."
the next morning she woke up at 7:00 and complained that her throat hurt so i took her to the doc and...


do i email everyone at the party and let them know that lily had strep?


do i just sorta lay low and pray that nobody gets it? she wasn't really hanging with any of the 3 year olds!


  1. If 7 kids already had it I don´t think there is a need to let them know. They know its in the air. And, honestly, if someone gets it there is no way of really knowing if they got it from Lily or from someone else.

  2. Children's gatherings are a germ warfare free for all. Any time I take the wee one to some play group, school activity, or her cousin's farm, I know I have one night of kid with a fever, and two weeks of me fighting off the cold I catch from her. If all the parents whose kids had germs that day phoned each other, that's 7 people phoning 7 people each... I mean, every kid there has some germ the others didn't. That's nature's way of supplying our kids with an immune system. Everything that happens is part of the germ's plan, we are simply vehicles to a million year old dance. It's the germs that control everything, they even organized the party you were at. No need to call, just take lots of vitamin C or something preventive yourself.

  3. personally i would rather not know--it makes me crazy and anxious to hear about everything that's "going around."
    as for you, drink apple cider vinegar, about a tablespoon in a glass of water, 3 times a day if you can. kills viruses and bacteria. can prevent you from getting whatever your kids get--other stuff too! :)