Wednesday, February 11, 2009

birthday presents

for some reason i always thought you should spend about $30 bucks on a birthday gifts for your kid's friends.
i dunno why.
i dunno who gave me that number.
maybe i made it up!
and then one day i realized that my kids were getting $15 and $20 gifts for their birthdays.
i decided to go with the flow and spend less cash per kid.
but i just went to a great birthday party where i spent about $15 on the gift and, well...
i felt cheap.
the party was so nice and cute and i felt so bad that lily's present was sorta lame.
i almost wanted to appologize for the crummy gift.
or buy something else and pretend that i forgot it at home.
but i didn't.

so...i'm wondering?

am i cheap? and i normal? what do you all do?


  1. Gift cards for kids? Nah, only for teens and up! Kids get too much stuff anyway. $15 is FINE!

  2. This is something I struggle with ALL THE TIME. I'm invited to a fair number of toddler birthday parties and I really can't spend as much as I want to every time.

    I agree with Letisha, gift cards for teens and up. I vote for finding better gifts in the $15 range. I try to use my craftiness to create something special. What I don't spend in money, I spend in time. I hope that shows them that I still care and put effort into the gift, even if I didn't spend a lot of money.

  3. $15 is fine. $20 is fine. $30 and over is above and beyond the call of duty. That said, do what makes you feel comfortable! But I'm sure that kid really dug that $15 gift.