Wednesday, February 11, 2009


i give my kids dessert every single night.
we're not talking a large wedge of cake or a banana split.
i give them a cookie
or a handful of m and ms...
or a popsicle...
or a little dish of ice cream with sprinkles...
ya know, something small and sweet and delish!
and cause lily can't have refined sugar i do the "healthy" version of all of the above (newman os, sun drops, all fruit pops, etc...)
i was testing out the boards at work the other day and i posted "do you give your kids dessert every night" and 25 out of 30 people said they did NOT?!
i was all, "huh?"
i thought EVERYONE gave their kids dessert?
maybe i just haven't been asking about it!

am i the only one on the planet who gives their kids dessert every single night!? am i messing them up by doing so? here i was thinking i was underserving them sweets and maybe, gulp, i'm overserving them!?


  1. I didn't give my kids dessert, but I did make them "fruit snacks" every night before bed until just a few years ago - two different fruits and then a Reese's Peanut Butter cup or a Hershey's Kiss or something. On one of those divided plates (three different "areas" - one for each fruit and one for the candy). And it gets challenging in the winter to come up with different fruit combinations. But I'm glad I did it.

  2. dessert after every meal is my motto. (not really. well, for myself, really but not for the kids). I do give Jack a little dessert after lunch and after dinner, but not on days when I know he's had a bunch of sweet stuff already. (like yesterday's valentine's party at his school). But to answer your question, yes, I think it's fine to give them a bit of dessert every single night. (and it gives you a good excuse to remind them to brush their teeth with extra special care since they had dessert earlier).

  3. yesterday the boys made brownies with dad and for dessert they had CHOCOLATE ice-cream and CHOCOLATE syrup on top of the BROWNIES. oy. they still went to sleep at their normal time. that was a bit excessive and craig's idea not mine. but i'm ok with dessert, i think all foods should be eaten in moderation and not DENIED dessert. that causes havoc later.

  4. yes, dessert. my kids won't accept fruit as dessert. they want something sweet, chocolate, frozen...whatever.

  5. asher doesn't eat "dessert", but yes, he has some junk every day. just usually not at night, for no other reason except that he's already had more sweets than i would like before that point!