Wednesday, February 18, 2009

fancy skin cream

for my whole life i looked young.
i was 12 and people though i was 6.
i was 18 and people though i was 12.
I was 25 and people though i was 18.
i HATED it!
and then, all of the sudden..


i look my freaking age!
what is that about?
it's gross!

i have wrinkles and...
i swear...
i think i just puked up a little as i typed that!

i never really took care of my skin cause i never expected this to happen.
i mean...
i've been use freaking coppertone as my face cream for the last 20 years!
now i'm all crazy freaked about being wrinkly.
and i want young, perfect, 18 year old skin.
i've started buying the garnier nutritioniste products cause SJP promotes them and she looks good...(as iF she's using them)
but do i NEED to shell out the bucks for schmancy creams and chemical peels?
i don't want another 5 years to go by...and look another 5 years older.


  1. Abby, Jay here. I'm turning 45 this year. I'll tell you my secret, but you're not gonna like it. Here it is: Nothing. Never let anything but water touch your face. No soap, no lotion, no cream, NO SUN BLOCK, just rinse in the shower. Anything you put on your face adds to the problem. There is nothing topical you can do. If you really want to make your skin shine, drink only water, and NO OTHER BEVERAGE EVER. Ya. I own and operate Natural Health Supply for over 10 years now. My entire living is made off all natural products, and I suggest to use nothing. Ever. Your skin is a reflection of your air, your food, your water consumption, and stress level. There is nothing you can add to your skin's surface to make it better. Just get more sleep, more fresh air, healthy organic home cooked meals, and drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. More info: only use products that are food grade. Skip common store bought brands that are made by chemical companies. I do not use any product with "prop" chemicals, like isopropyl alcohol, or propylene glycol. In my home we replace rubbing alcohol with food grade vodka. We have it in spray bottles for spraying hands after changing baby etc. The "prop" chemicals are petroleum based, and in my opinion quite deadly. In the plant where they make the stuff, they wear hazard suits, and then sell it so you can put it on your skin. Body products are not tested by FDA, and they are only taken off the market when proven to be deadly. Not cool for people who used the body product. I've always had a very strict life style, and all my life I've avoided chemicals. Especially being an artist, I have to be very careful around solvents and sprays, as well as know a lot about them. My rule is, if you wouldn't eat it, don't put it on your skin. I know lots of body product recipes using things like olive oil, borax powder, citric acid, that all work better than most store brands. We have recipes for all natural food grade home made body products at our link: - but Abby, I tell you, don't use anything. Do it from the inside out.

  2. I don't think you need to pay crazy amounts for la mer or whatever. I've been meaning to try Olay regenerist. I've read good things about it.
    But what J.E. Moores said is really interesting. I've tried natural things like yogurt masks and honey/salt scrubs. They work just as well as products I've bought in stores. There's a great website called that tells you the toxicity levels of different kinds of makeup, lotions, etc. But no, save that money for buying great shoes!